Our Services

At Unfolding Architecture, we pride ourselves on great customer service and one on one meetings.


You’ll always have direct access to the firm principal, Nathan Wight, to talk through your goals and the best options for achieving them.

Picture of planning meeting


When the project is first starting to take shape, it’s very helpful to clearly state the goals of the project, what teammates are needed, and what the timeline and budget should be.


We provide these services at the outset of projects, and are happy to tailor them to your needs if you are trying to determine project feasibility:


  • Site visits to review the existing conditions of buildings
  • Code and zoning research
  • Site plans and rough floor plans
  • Construction cost estimates and alternatives
  • Renderings for marketing


Design doesn’t just mean what a building or space looks like. It means how it functions, what the quality of materials are, and how the space might adapt to your needs over time.


Our design services cover the inside and the outside of the building, and may include:


  • Floor plans & site plans
  • Exterior renderings
  • Interior designs and mood boards
  • Finish and furniture selections
  • Lighting design
  • HVAC and thermal comfort
  • Energy efficiency
Rendering of gallery
Blueprints showing facade repairs


Our work isn’t over when the drawings are finished; it is over when construction is finished. That’s why it is critical for us to form strong relationships with contractors, starting with detailed, practical drawing sets.


We provide the following services throughout the bidding and construction process:


  • Construction detailing adapted to field conditions
  • Interface with local building and zoning departments
  • Iterative revisions to bring costs down (“value engineering”)
  • Site visits and contractor meetings