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Picture of Nathan Wight

Nathan Wight, AIA, Principal

Hi, I’m Nate – or Nathan – whichever you prefer! I’m a licensed architect practicing in Michigan, and New Jersey too.


In 2005, my thesis project was based on the idea that the best driver of change in a community are the people who live there, not planners and architects. My final project was not a design for one building, but for a “buffet” of options for developing a street, and it was presented as a conversation with the community, rather than a presentation of a final idea.


Since 2018 I have been unbelievably fortunate to live out the professional life I envisioned back then, through the work that my firm has done in Detroit. By working with some of the other amazing organizations in Detroit, such as the Southwest Detroit Business Association, Mexicantown Community Development Corporation, and Motor City Match programs, my firm has been able to provide architectural services to ordinary people looking to renovate and add onto buildings in their communities.


I have been working professionally since 2006. Notably, I have been the project lead on several major building renovations in Harlem, NY, totalling almost 150 apartment units, as well as countless smaller projects across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. In addition, I performed as the general contractor / construction manager on several projects in Philadelphia with a total construction budget of over $4 million.


In 2020 I moved with my wife Lauren and our daughter to Higgins Lake, MI, where Lauren grew up, to be closer to family. I still come to Detroit regularly and maintain connections with people throughout Southwest.

Marcela Cid Alcalde, Designer

My name is Marcela Cid, I’m a designer. I feel myself fortunate to have found my passion and am living up to it.


Since I was little my dad taught me to deconstruct in order to learn how things were constructed, and my mom allowed me to be as creative and playful as possible, and to always express myself. They taught me to always search the answer to my questions, and that there are no rules on how to get somewhere, as long as it’s fair and respectful to others.


Interior Design has allowed me to see spaces as organisms which envelop human interactions. You can create a traditional space that suits the user in a familiar way, but also surprise them with something totally new and enlightening.  I believe design can teach people new ways of thinking about space, and that’s why I’m always feeding my creativity with new knowledge. I expect the requested design to create a better human experience in the life of the clients, bringing value and purpose-driven solutions in to the world.


That’s why I’m a designer, losing sleep with new ideas, full of creativity, a product of an endless curiosity about the world and how we live in it, an endless craving for improvement, evolution, and harmony.

Picture of Bailey Dougherty

Bailey Dougherty, Architectural Associate

My name is Bailey Dougherty. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture and Sustainability in May 2020 from Ferris State University.


I am passionate about the importance of sustainability in today’s world and am highly interested in it’s connection with architecture. I believe that the rehabilitation of existing buildings is fundamental to my career as a sustainable architect.

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