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Picture of Nathan Wight

Nathan Wight, AIA, Principal

Nathan is, first and foremost, a problem-solver. Dedicated to steering projects through the web of challenges that must be met to successfully complete a building, he combines a diverse and deep set of skills with more than 15 years of professional experience on building rehabilitations, fit-outs, and new construction.


Through everything he does, he strives to provide best-in-class services. This means investing in new technologies to provide insights on improving building costs and performance, and a more seamless interplay between the client, builder, and architect. Crucially, it also means keeping personal ties at the forefront of collaboration—making time to listen and meet people where they’re at.


Nathan graduated with a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Cornell University, class of 2005. He has been working in architecture, development and construction since 2006, with a focus on urban-renewal projects.


He has worked extensively in the rich urban neighborhoods of lower Manhattan, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia. In 2016 he moved to Detroit, where he founded Unfolding Architecture. He now lives in Roscommon, Michigan, with his wife and family, and travels regularly to Detroit.


Nathan is an Architect with licenses in Michigan and New Jersey, and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.


He serves on the Mexicantown Main Street Design Committee, and the Design Core Detroit Membership Advisory Board, both Detroit-based organizations.


Nathan is also the President-Elect of the Rotary Club of Roscommon and is actively engaged in other community endeavors.

Marcela Cid Alcalde, Designer

Marcela is the lead designer at Unfolding Architecture.  She takes inspiration from clients, through pinterest boards, questionnaires, even music choices(!), and applies them to the building we are renovating or designing from scratch. Through iterating, meeting with clients, and trying again, she is able to develop strikingly original works that harmonize with tradition while being distintly modern.


In Marcela’s words, ” I feel myself fortunate to have found my passion and am living up to it.


Since I was little my dad taught me to deconstruct in order to learn how things were constructed, and my mom allowed me to be as creative and playful as possible, and to always express myself. They taught me to always search the answer to my questions, and that there are no rules on how to get somewhere, as long as it’s fair and respectful to others.


Interior Design has allowed me to see spaces as organisms which envelop human interactions. You can create a traditional space that suits the user in a familiar way, but also surprise them with something totally new and enlightening.  I believe design can teach people new ways of thinking about space, and that’s why I’m always feeding my creativity with new knowledge. I expect the requested design to create a better human experience in the life of the clients, bringing value and purpose-driven solutions in to the world.


That’s why I’m a designer, losing sleep with new ideas, full of creativity, a product of an endless curiosity about the world and how we live in it, an endless craving for improvement, evolution, and harmony.”

Picture of Bailey Dougherty

Bailey Dougherty, Architectural Associate

Bailey graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture and Sustainability in May 2020 from Ferris State University.


She is passionate about the importance of sustainability in today’s world and ishighly interested in it’s connection with architecture. She believe that the rehabilitation of existing buildings is fundamental to being a sustainable architect.

We are always looking for people to collaborate with.

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