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Picture of Nathan Wight

Nathan Wight, AIA, Principal

Nathan received his Bachelor’s of Architecture from Cornell University and began working at architecture firms renovating buildings in New York City  in 2006.


His goal is to bring a rich, client-focused brand of professional architectural practice to older neighborhoods, as a way of bringing the power to develop neighborhoods into the hands of ordinary people.


With this purpose in mind, Nathan founded Unfolding Architecture, PLLC in Detroit in 2018. Since then, he has had the privilege of serving many clients in and around his neighborhood of Mexicantown in Southwest Detroit.


In 2020, Nathan moved with his wife and new daughter to Roscommon County, Michigan, where he has expanded his practice to serve clients in the community.


Nathan and Unfolding Architecture still maintain an office in Detroit where they collaborate with local contractors and designers to continue to bring services to local Detroit neighborhoods.

We’re always looking for new designers, engineers, contractors and clients to collaborate with.

Please reach out to inquire about collaboration opportunities.